because she's just incredibly gorgeous xo

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imakeyodaddyscreamm asked:
It;s Weird You Got Fresher Line Up Then Most Guys I Know Lol. Umm, Would you ever let it out grow back but, that would look kinda weird would you get a weave in it untill it out grows???

I repeat, this is not the real cassie. This is a tumblog for her fans to follow, support, and enjoy.

amiliegohard asked:
Would You Make Anymore Songs ? Becuase I Love Your Music Like Seriously I Know ur a Model but Would uu

This is not the real cassie.

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ithesuccessor asked:
aah, i really am loving this blog of yours :)
how do you find all these stunning pictures of cassie i cant find any! :(

Thank you! Just search social sites, cassie’s twitter, other tumblogs, flickr, google.

jazzxxb asked:
hey nice blog! where did you get your theme i really like it!

Thank you! I customized this theme so many months ago, I honestly don’t remember.

yesitsjoel asked:
Can you please follow me ?

This is an added on blog from my original blog so I can’t follow anyone back from this blog. Sorry.

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